3 Tips On How Big Campus Events Can Boost Your Business

Date posted: July 7, 2014

Campus Open House, Week of Welcome, Clubs Days, and Alumni events are great opportunities to attract large sales from the school’s different departments. These events increase the exposure of the school’s specific departments, clubs, and athletic teams, as well as to spur growth in admissions to alumni. When school is about to start, we see wallets open and plenty of spending to prep for school-themed activities.

1. What’s Happening? – The First Impression

Students, Alumnus, Parents, and New-comers love to chit chat with everyone, especially the faculty reps. The first thing these people will ask is “What Is Your Name?” or “Where Can I Find the Closest Washroom?” Let’s hope they have their proper signage prepared for the second question…but even sometimes with restrictions on hanging signage on campus, school reps are there for a reason:  to connect and be the tour guide for whatever the guests may require – name badges are a must.

To identify the students from the volunteers, everyone should have name badges to facilitate easy communication and create a friendly atmosphere. To sell relevant products for these campus events, you need to start planning and get ready for your back-to-school shoppers. The goals here are recruitment and retention, so the campus atmosphere must show professionalism, faculty expertise, and excitement. So be sure to give them what they want.

Education Services2. Who’s Buying? – The On-Campus Business: Know Your Target.

A huge portion of on-campus business caters to services for students; however, that still leaves a number of departments in which to tailor a special message…so take a few steps back when branding your back-to-school campaigns and make sure your message is relevant to your audience.
Some departments to keep in mind include:

General University Services — admission services such as the student loan department, alumni department, international services, health clinics, minority group’s services, athletics, student housing, and faculty related services.

Student-Involved services are student-run businesses, funded by students – Yes you heard that right, student-funded. They have large budgets to spend on their colleagues. These services include running clubs and campus events, faculty-union events and managing vendor services from pubs to food shops, convenience stores, copy and print centers, and catering services.

Other businesses include the museums, libraries, and bookstores.

mobile-friendly3. Where are they Buying? Online.
Get Mobile-Friendly

Those who are making purchases for office supplies or replenishing inventory for upcoming events will be browsing and buying online. Many of these individuals are student representatives or administrators that require catalogs and brochures to see what your company is offering. Make sure the shopping experience is seamless by leading your buyers to mobile-optimized websites. With tablet and smart phone use growing exponentially, it’s where the majority of your business will be seen at some point, so ignore this trend at your own risk.
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