About Us

An Innovation 30 Years in the Making

Good things come with time, and it’s been a Mighty long time coming!  The Name Badge industry is here to stay, and the Mighty Badge Reusable System is leading the curve with its innovation and utility in an ever-diversifying global market.  When every day provides growth opportunity, versatility is the name of the game and the Mighty Badge plays hard so that you can network more easily, provide more valuable service and be memorable.

Our Commitment to Your Unique Business Needs

Your business is unique, and this is a truth that we have taken very seriously in the development of the Mighty Badge™.  Where one solution is tough to find for your branding needs, the Mighty Badge™ helps you build your own Name Badge solution that is catered to the intricacies of your business.  We stand behind our products and services so that you can represent your brand uniquely, professionally, and profitably.  Our service comes to you in the form of our unparalleled support and product innovation, but our commitment is planted more deeply into your unique business identity.

The Mighty Badge Looks Forward

In a global market that is so rapidly changing, it has been vital that we develop our products with a focus on versatility and adaptability.  In a big way, your continued success is the touchstone to which we are able to measure our own successes.  We, at The Mighty Badge, take this to heart and have a sincere commitment to continued Name Badge innovation.  Centered on your changing needs and growing business demographic, the Mighty Badge Reusable System takes big steps forward – so that you can stand out.