PPAI Publication – Factory Floor: Identity Builders

Date posted: March 30, 2016

Factory Floor: Identity Builders

Imprint Plus outfits businesses with customizable name badges, desk plates and more

product shot
The first day of school for many students means a snappy new backpack, freshly sharpened pencils and bright white notebook paper to start the year off right. The folks at Imprint Plus (UPIC: imp8687) can infuse that same excitement into the first day of a new job or a new company with their name badge and desk plate kits, which are manufactured and assembled at the Canadian supplier’s facility in Richmond, British Columbia.

The process by which Imprint Plus’s Mighty Badge kits, name plate kits and other workplace necessities are created relies on a lean manufacturing philosophy that focuses on delivering value to customers by minimizing waste, says CEO Marla Kott. “The concept of preserving value with less work is the backbone of ‘lean’—and the goal we set for ourselves.

“Waste reduction is an integral part of the corporate culture at Imprint Plus,” she says. “We’re continually looking for, finding and removing waste from our processes, systems, space, activities, materials—everything we do.”

The simplest item to produce is the desk plate, says Kott, and the most complex is the insert sheet that enables product customization and personalization. Imprint Plus utilizes a variety of specialized materials and specialized equipment for production, and ensures its staff members are properly trained for the task at hand.

“Staff is trained onsite; lean [manufacturing] training certification is a requirement, safety certifications are required as we need three to four staff members always present, and project management training and certifications are required,” Kott says. “The specialized equipment in printing is designed to ensure the images we produce on small surfaces exhibit excellent craftsmanship, one of our cornerstone principles.”

Read on to learn how Imprint Plus produces materials for name badges and desk accessories for use in a variety of business settings.


Metal name badge plates are fabricated and have holes punched on-site at the Imprint Plus facility in Richmond.


paper badges web
Paper badges are customized with names or logos—or both—in the screen printing shop.

Custom Packaging

Factory specialist Edward Browne works on the custom packaging line to ensure the kits are complete before they are shipped. Imprint Plus’s popular kits are prepacked with all the components needed to create name badges, desk plates and signs.

Quality Assurance Specialist Cecelia Calderon measures to ensure Imprint Plus products meet strict tolerances.

badge components

Each plate, lens cover and insert sheet is 100-percent guaranteed to snap together seamlessly.

Lean Kaizen In Progress
Imprint Plus utilizes lean manufacturing practices in every aspect of business.
(Left to right) HeeJun Moon, operations support; Bonnie Wall, operations manager; and Bryan Freitag, logistics coordinator, collaborate on a project using Lean Kaizen principles.

About Imprint Plus
Founding date

Marla Kott, CEO
Kristin MacMillan, President
Ellen Flanders, Founder

Size of production facility
18,000-square-foot factory with additional warehouse and office space in Toronto; Blaine, Washington and the UK

Number of employees

Number of orders filled per year
Approximately 50,000

Notable accomplishments
 Kott, Flanders and MacMillan were ranked No. 42 in Profit W100 Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs (2015 marks the 10th consecutive year the team has been listed)
 Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Awards recipients (2013-2015)

Top Three Products At Imprint Plus
 Name badge kits that include software, insert sheets to customize and personalize, plates, lens covers and a magnetic backing.

 Standing sign kits that include software, insert sheets to customize and personalize, the one-piece sign and a lens cover.

 Contemporary desk plate kit that includes software, bright white insert sheets to customize and personalize, the holder, stand and cover, which fit together by pressure alone.

Happy Name Tag Day: Be Proud and Wear Yours In A Crowd

Date posted: March 11, 2016

Have you ever attended a meeting, an alumni or networking event, and chances were you’ve been asked to write your name on a sticker label and place it on your shirt? Well believe it or not, those identification badges are actually recognized today; a day dedicated to celebrating your name and name tags, or name badges.

Perhaps you can only recall wearing those self-stick labels that says, “Hello, My Name is ______________, but name badges have grown and innovated throughout the years – to serve a purpose as a resourceful tool for many small and large businesses.







What’s in a Name?

Nametag Day, is also referred to as National Nametag Day, is an annual event that takes place during the first complete week in March. This year’s event occurs on March 10, 2016.

Other special days during the week-long event include Namesake Day, Fun Facts About Names Day, Unique Names Day, Discover What Your Name Means Day, Middle Name Pride Day and Descendants Day.

Be sure to celebrate Nametag Day today with your staff by proudly wearing a one infront of your customers! You never know, today might just be a good day to use name badges as a conversation starter. And if you’re a start up business new to name badges, we’ll be happy to help you out with a selection of customizable and personalizable badges for your staff.

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the Mighty Badge Wins Multiple SGIA Golden Image Awards For Name Badges And Signage

Date posted: November 17, 2015

SGIA Golden Image Award Winner 2015

The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) has announced the 2015 winners of the acclaimed Golden Image Award Competition. The annual competition evaluates and judges hundreds of entries in a multitude of categories to determine the leaders in industry excellence with stand-out graphics worthy of recognition.

the Mighty Badge, a leading manufacturer of customized, re-useable name badge and signage systems, received a total of five awards including: a Gold award for Spurgeon Manor and a Silver award for Vivoli in the Metal Signs/Products category; a Silver award for Outdoor Adventure and a Bronze award for Lady at the Lake for the Heat Transfers category; and a Bronze award for Food Buffett Signs in the Unique Applications category.
“To be honored with five awards in this esteemed industry-wide competition is a great affirmation of our high quality products,” says Marla Kott, the Mighty Badge CEO. “Our work was compared to the best in the world, and our imaging team proved they are exceptional and dedicated to outstanding graphics.”

The Golden Image competition is judged on the technical accomplishments of each entry, excluding aesthetic issues from the evaluation and scoring process. Prints are judged on the level of difficulty and quality of execution.

“Winning multiple awards puts the Mighty Badge among the top specialty printers in the world in terms of graphics excellence, caliber and capability,” continued Ms. Kott.

For more information regarding SGIA and the Golden Image competition visit www.SGIA.org. For more information regarding the Mighty Badge name badges and signage, visit www.themightybadge.com.

See our Winning SGIA Submissions and Runner-ups Here!


Media Contact: Cathy Callegari – 212-579-1370 or cathy@callprinc.com

Hi Res Images of the Winning Entries are available upon request


About SGIA

SGIA is the only international association for specialty imaging. Specialty imaging comprises digital imaging, screen printing and the many other imaging technologies SGIA members use, including those they will tap in the future. These are the imaging processes and technologies employed to create new products and to enhance existing products including point-of-purchase displays, signs, advertisements, garments, containers and vehicles.

About the Mighty Badge

the Mighty Badge manufactures an assortment of name badges and systems that range from customized name badge systems for the small to mid-size businesses with 10+ employees to YouWho name badges in two- and four-unit kits. the Mighty Badge recently introduced its multi-language version of its “plug and play” Name Print Graphics (NPG) software. The new software supports five languages of English, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish for creating professional looking name badges in print text with graphics on any PC. In addition to the multi-language feature, the new software offers foreign language character input for Chinese and Japanese languages.

the Mighty Badge Name Badges and Signage Winners of the SGIA Golden Image Awards

Date posted: November 17, 2015

2015 Winners of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Awards!

the Mighty Badge, Richmond, BC, was recognized in the Association’s prestigious Golden Image Competition with 5 New Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Awards, and 2 runner ups in the same categories including:

• Winners of the Metal Signs and Products, Gold Award for Spurgeon Manor, and a Silver Award for Vivoli Name badges.

• Winners of the Heat Transfers, Silver Award for Outdoor Adventures, a Bronze Award for Lady at the Lake Name Badges, and 1 runner up with the Gusto Divino Name Badge.

• Winner of the Bronze Award for the TableTop Food Buffet Sign in Unique Applications, and 1 runner up for the Silver 2” x 10” Healthcare Professional Classic Desk and Door Name Plate.

See our Winning products below:

GOLD – Spurgeon Manor (Screen Printing Process)

Spurgeon Manor Name Badge

Spurgeon Manor Screen Printing Process

 SILVER – Vivoli (Screen Printing Process)

Vivoli Name Badge

Vivoli Name Badge Screen Printing Process

 SILVER – Outdoor Adventures (Sublimation Printing Process)

Outdoor Adventures Silver 2″ x 8″ Classic Desk and Door Name Plate, Sublimation Printing Process

 BRONZE – Lady at the Lake (Sublimation Printing Process)

Lady at the Lake Silver 2″ x 10″ Classic Desk and Door Name Plate, Sublimation Printing Process

 BRONZE – Food Buffet Signs (Unique Applications – Peel Off Insert Sheets)

Tabletop Food Buffet Signs, Unique Applications – Peel Off Insert Sheets

 Runner Ups:

Gusto Divino Name Badge for Heat Transfers

Silver 2” x 10” Healthcare Professional Classic Desk and Door Name Plate for Unique Applications


Imprint Plus™ Top Ranked Canadian Female Entrepreneurs in PROFIT & Canadian Business W100 List

Date posted: September 21, 2015


Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked Imprint Plus™ as one of Canada’s Top W100 Female Entrepreneurial Companies based on a three- year revenue growth. Listed at #42, Imprint Plus™ is one of the top rated women-owned Canadian companies on the list.

Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by three-year revenue growth rate and profitability of Canadian businesses, the 27th annual PROFIT 500 profiles the country’s most successful women-owned growth companies.

A joint venture between Canada’s premier female business brands, the PROFIT W100 is published in the October issue of Canadian Business and online at PROFITguide.com.

“Members of the W100 aren’t just inspirational figures—they’re smart business people who have demonstrated the tenacity and creativity needed to thrive as entrepreneurs,” says James Cowan, Editor-in-chief of PROFIT and Canadian Business. “Their strategies and business tactics are lessons to anyone, regardless of whether you’re male or female, work at a start-up or run a multi-million enterprise. Our annual ranking is here to convince others that entrepreneurial success is possible, and to offer good advice on how to make it happen.”

The women on the 2015 PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 Ranking of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs run some of the country’s most successful businesses. Smart money management is just one of the skills that have helped inspiring businesswomen build their profitable, growing companies.

Hear what Imprint Plus™  CEO has to say on covering financing, cash flow, cost-cutting and financial planning as one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs, “Switching to paying suppliers with credit cards has allowed us to pay for many airplane tickets and hotel stays with points. We travel extensively for trade shows and customer meetings and any cost reduction immediately impacts our bottom line.” —Marla Kott (No. 42), Imprint Plus™ (Illen Products), Richmond, B.C.

It’s important that we celebrate and champion the achievements of female entrepreneurs, especially in Canada. Women still earn 24% less than men, while occupying just 16% of the seats on corporate boards (Profitguide.com). If these inequities are ever to be corrected, then up-and-coming female entrepreneurs need to hear from their role models and their success stories. Having role models makes a tangible difference.

Reference to PROFIT W100 Rank Listing

About Imprint Plus™
Founded in 1982, Imprint Plus™ is a top supplier of Reusable Name Badge and signage product company. The organization offers a full range of reusable products from three different brands: Imprint Plus™, the Mighty Badge™, and YouWho Badges™. Imprint Plus™ is a member of WEConnect Canada and The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) in the US. Imprint Plus™ was also the first in Canada to earn the EarthRight Business Institute’s Silver rating for a high level of commitment towards sustainability.

The Founder, Ellen Flanders, CEO, Marla Kott, and President, Kristin MacMillan, is currently ranked #42nd  on the PROFIT W100 Top Female Entrepreneurs.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ImprintPlus
Twitter: @ImprintPlus


About PROFIT and PROFITguide.com
PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success is Canada’s preeminent media brand dedicated to the management issues and opportunities facing small and mid-sized businesses. Visit PROFIT at PROFITguide.com.


About Canadian Business
Canadian Business is the longest-serving, best-selling and most-trusted business publication in the countryWith a readership of more than 800,000, it is the country’s premier media brand for executives and senior business leaders.


7 Great Tips to Overcome Any Language Barriers

Date posted: September 15, 2014

CommunicationEver walked into a hotel or a bank where English is not widely spoken and wondered, now what? Well, that’s often the case for people who don’t speak English as their first language. Eventually, they learn to share information through pictures or hand gestures, but wouldn’t it be great to be greeted by a staff member who speaks another language, your language? What a refreshing possibility, these customer service stars could be easily identified by their name badges. Language barriers are a common challenge in business settings, for both customers and employees. Most people don’t realize how important basic communication is to providing a superior customer service experience and a core foundation towards creating lasting relationships. Here are some ways to help you navigate around these communication problems.

  1. Be Prepared – Cross-cultural communication takes more time; certainly not everyone can speak more than five languages. As a business, develop a list of customer service representatives that can speak different languages.
  2. Train – Training should include language barrier procedures as well as common phrases that are used in your industry when handling clients.
  3. The Tools – Include tools such as quick references, signage, and even name badges that can identify the different languages spoken.
  4. Speak Clearly – Focus on enunciation and slow down your speech. Even if you’re pressed for time, don’t rush. It may take a bit more time, but can actually save you time in the long run without the need to reiterate your message.
  5. Ask For Clarification – Miscommunication is often the result of not listening clearly to the speaker, or what you’ve heard is not exactly what was intended. Be sure to ask for clarification instead of making assumptions.
  6. Double, Triple… Check – Double check that what you’ve heard and understood is what’s actually been said, have others fully understood you? If you practice reflective listening, this will help make your business transactions and staff communication more effective. For instance, ask open-ended questions like: “So what I hear you saying is…” or “What’s your understanding of this process?” instead of “is that clear?” It not only helps alleviate pressures from your employees, but it can help you understand what and how the message is being received.
  7. Be Clear and Concise – If you have something to say, stay on topic and make sure the deliverables are clear and concise. You want to effectively communicate what needs to be done and not cause confusion for the listener.

Now that you know how to overcome some of the basic issues with language barriers, you’re ready to get your staff all set up to effectively communicate and serve your clients. And if you’re wondering where to get some great name badges with language identificationbe sure to check out these name badge kits and badge talkers!

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Let us know if you have any other tips for effective communication relating to language barriers with your customers. Share your comments below! For more information on great name badges and special offerings, Click Here.

3 Tips On How Big Campus Events Can Boost Your Business

Date posted: July 7, 2014

Campus Open House, Week of Welcome, Clubs Days, and Alumni events are great opportunities to attract large sales from the school’s different departments. These events increase the exposure of the school’s specific departments, clubs, and athletic teams, as well as to spur growth in admissions to alumni. When school is about to start, we see wallets open and plenty of spending to prep for school-themed activities.

1. What’s Happening? – The First Impression

Students, Alumnus, Parents, and New-comers love to chit chat with everyone, especially the faculty reps. The first thing these people will ask is “What Is Your Name?” or “Where Can I Find the Closest Washroom?” Let’s hope they have their proper signage prepared for the second question…but even sometimes with restrictions on hanging signage on campus, school reps are there for a reason:  to connect and be the tour guide for whatever the guests may require – name badges are a must.

To identify the students from the volunteers, everyone should have name badges to facilitate easy communication and create a friendly atmosphere. To sell relevant products for these campus events, you need to start planning and get ready for your back-to-school shoppers. The goals here are recruitment and retention, so the campus atmosphere must show professionalism, faculty expertise, and excitement. So be sure to give them what they want.

Education Services2. Who’s Buying? – The On-Campus Business: Know Your Target.

A huge portion of on-campus business caters to services for students; however, that still leaves a number of departments in which to tailor a special message…so take a few steps back when branding your back-to-school campaigns and make sure your message is relevant to your audience.
Some departments to keep in mind include:

General University Services — admission services such as the student loan department, alumni department, international services, health clinics, minority group’s services, athletics, student housing, and faculty related services.

Student-Involved services are student-run businesses, funded by students – Yes you heard that right, student-funded. They have large budgets to spend on their colleagues. These services include running clubs and campus events, faculty-union events and managing vendor services from pubs to food shops, convenience stores, copy and print centers, and catering services.

Other businesses include the museums, libraries, and bookstores.

mobile-friendly3. Where are they Buying? Online.
Get Mobile-Friendly

Those who are making purchases for office supplies or replenishing inventory for upcoming events will be browsing and buying online. Many of these individuals are student representatives or administrators that require catalogs and brochures to see what your company is offering. Make sure the shopping experience is seamless by leading your buyers to mobile-optimized websites. With tablet and smart phone use growing exponentially, it’s where the majority of your business will be seen at some point, so ignore this trend at your own risk.
Want to see what we have in store for campus events?

Check out our name badge kits that will help you drive sales.
Contact Us for more details on our products.

Top 5 Patriotic Must-Go-To Destinations

Date posted: June 27, 2014

Independence Day

Celebrate the fourth of July with fireworks, barbecues, and parades – there are many destinations that you can go to for your ultimate patriotic getaway. If you are looking to be adventurous, here are a few recommendations to get you going on Independence Day.

1. Statue of Liberty, New York, New York

Lady Liberty embodies an incredible view of the harbor, an icon built to symbolize the country’s promise of freedom and democracy. Be sure to climb up to the crown of Lady Liberty and enjoy the grand beauty of the Ellis Island, the view is spectacular! If you’re a traveler, make sure not to miss the panoramic views of New York City…Get your camera ready!

2. The National Archives Building and the National Mall, Washington, D.C.

This is home to the most important documents in American history, including the original Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. If you are planning to head to this destination, be sure to stay for the fireworks (save your spot at the Reflecting Pool, National Mall…because it will be crowded). Many families also choose to see the lights between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Another hot spot, perfect for taking photos is the Lincoln Memorial, a monument honoring the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

3. Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South Dakota

The iconic images of Mount Rushmore is a massive, 1,275-acre, 60-foot, carved granite masterpiece…check out the engraved faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln – it will blow you away. The faces carved into the Black Hills represent 130 years of presidential history, be sure to check it out when you’re walking the Presidential Trail.

Did you know that the carving of this mountain started in 1925? Originally it was meant to show off its four subjects from head to waist, but …insufficient funding resulted in the work being halted at the neck – this is one thing that should be one everyone’s “must see” list.

4. Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This is where Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address in November 1863, four months after the battle of Gettysburg. To this date, it is still the perfect place to go commemorate the anniversary of this historical event. Be sure to take in all the majesty and historical importance of this pivotal location in the forming of America, and take tons of photos!

5.  Liberty Bell Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Does this location ring a bell? Many Americans recognize the Liberty Bell as a famous and iconic symbol of American independence. The Liberty Bell Center is next to the former Pennsylvania state house which is now called Independence Hall – where both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S Constitution were signed.


So you’re now ready to shake up this holiday with a list of places to go.
But wait, now that you have an idea where you’re heading for the celebrations, do you have your patriotic wardrobe ready? Why not get dressed up for the event?

If not, then you’re missing something! Go all out – put on your best looking jeans and a nice white t-shirt, then put on some festive accessories – And if you don’t have any, then check out what we have in store for you to dress up your outfit!

Get patriotic. If you, your friends, your staff, or anyone needs some quick accessories for this upcoming holiday, be sure to contact us, and we’ll get you set up with some great looking badge talkers to show off your pride. Contact Us. 

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in getting your business ready for Independence Day

Date posted: June 25, 2014

Independence Day

For many businesses, Independence Day is the one celebration that presents a perfect excuse to dress up, have fun, and be the highlight of the summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to get locals and tourists excited and walking out of your store happy and filled with patriotic pride.
Take advantage of our guide and get your store ready for the upcoming holiday.

1. Use the 4 P’s — Plan, Plan, Plan…and Plan.
Independence Day is a holiday everyone wants to be prepared for (especially for the picnics and cookouts). You need time to plan out what you can provide for your customers, or at least get the store decorated. Why not launch a sale, a promotion, or giveaway? Get a direct mail package ready for delivery. Keep it simple, and don’t forget to send pre and post email messages.

2. Show them that balloons and flags just aren’t enough.
Many businesses will be decorating their store with flags, balloons, and national coloured streamers. What about printing large posters showcasing your patriotic ‘must-buy’ products and services? Your customers are too busy planning what the holiday will look like – show them your products that let them take their event up a notch. Offering them a giveaway is always well received, everyone likes free stuff.

3. Don’t forget about Social Media.
Showing your products in store isn’t enough – you need to tell the world! Whether it is a small or large campaign, you should schedule some posts ahead of time to share what you have to offer on this national holiday. Find something that will compliment your campaign, even as simple as writing a blog post, posting a few social media updates, or buying a few ads on Facebook. These efforts will showcase your business’s patriotic passion, and your focus attention on tourists and your regular customers.

4. Don’t stress out – it’s a Holiday.
If these several tips still have you scratching your head, then make it even simple. Just make some patriotic colored cookies, have your staff wear some decorated name badges, and get dressed up. If you have a promotion, and not enough time to get the designs made, print out some quick and simple promotional flyers to give away! The holiday is about having fun, and celebrating this special day with your staff and customers – so don’t sweat it.

Are you ready for Independence Day? Get in touch with us, to find out how you can turn your business into a patriotic hotspot for your customers.


What Do Badges Have To Do With the Football Cup in Brazil? Everything.

Date posted: June 24, 2014

name badge

The badges are a part of a series of World Champion badges, an award for the winners of the historical Football events. The first team presented with the Champions badge was the Italian men’s national team in the 2006 world tournament, and thereafter with Spain’s national team to recognize their success.

Badges are an important aspect of this celebrated soccer event. Soccer Club Champions, such as in Munich, the latest member of the exclusive group of football teams in 2013, have had the honour of wearing the World Champions Badge.

Similar to businesses, badges serve an important role for football tournaments. Business staff name badges worn by employees may not resemble the ones worn by the world soccer champion players, but they certainly have the same purposes. The badges worn by our champion soccer players symbolize their team’s success on a previous year’s victory, and also to identify the national team they are on. Others, who are also sporting out their name badges during this major event, include the organizers, ambassadors, and volunteers from around the world to promote their organization’s involvement for the championship.
So where’s your badge swag?

For 2014, things really heat up as the world’s footballing elites headed to South America in hope that they will be the ones who raise the trophy in Brazil. So don’t miss out on the world’s most famous footballing event – And when you watch the game, check out the eye-popping badges and the official emblems!

Which team are you cheering for?

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