Why Name Badges

In today’s highly connected world, relationships are more important that ever to your personal and professional advancement. But networking, making an impression, and building relationships is hard work! That’s where the Mighty Badge comes in.

Wearing a name badge makes it easier to meet new people, connect instantly, and edge out the competition. Not only that, people will start to approach you! No awkward introductions or business cards exchanges. Your name, title, business and website will be front and center, right on your lapel.

Take advantage of the valuable connection opportunities all around you with the Mighty Badge.


The Mighty Badge system offers a sleek, professional look that speaks volumes about the values of your business.  Showing your clear involvement in the customer experience, name badges proudly represent your brand in every business interaction, every sale and every greeting.  With this simple solution, businesses in 74 countries and 21 different industries around the world are enabling themselves to stand out and get the most out of their brand with the Mighty Badge system.


Name badges help to build a more accessible business structure for your clients, allowing them to explore what your business has to offer.  Identifying management and leaders on your team, the Mighty Badge offers the transparency and accountability that your clients will appreciate.  Helping to display individual expertise and station within your company, name badges enhance the client experience and make it memorable.


Confidence in your service or product is important to your customers, and nothing instills more trust than when you associate your name with your brand.  As a brand ambassador, you display confidence in your product or service so that your clients can follow suit with ease.  A little trust goes a long way, and the Mighty Badge provides the subtle yet recognizable certainty that will move your business forward.

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