Benefits of Name Badges

A recent survey of 1,000 men and women across the U.S. revealed that 96% of total respondents felt it was it important to recognize a person by name when doing business. Over 70% of all respondents stated that it is important to identify a salesperson by name, and 76% stated that they had more trust in a business and considered the company more professional when their employees wore name badges.

Name badges have become part of the total branding programs helping companies promote their employees or co-workers who act as ambassadors of their brand. 75% of those surveyed agreed that wearing a name badge would help one to “stand out” in job searches and career advancement. 77% believed that wearing a name badge helps to personally brand oneself at meetings, conferences or networking events. (Survey conducted by Social Science Research Solutions.)

What can the Mighty Badge do for you? Clearly, it can be your business card, your handshake, your advertisement, your instant connection, your closed deal. Wearing a Mighty Badge means making a name for yourself, which is the key to success.

A Professional Look

With your choice of shape, design and plate color, the Mighty Badge will always be suited to your brand and atmosphere.  Your customers and business connections will take notice your attention to detail and the confident first impression that the Mighty Badge provides.  Also, with your name and logo at the forefront of your professional interactions, the Mighty Badge gives an important visual that makes your brand memorable and more personal.

Personalized Service

Your brand is important, but your name serves as a personal connection that your clients and customers remember naturally.  Name badges ensure that you and your team make the most out of your face-to-face interactions.  In a business world that is constantly calling for personal service and accountability, name badges are a simple way to edge out the competition and keep your valuable customers coming back.

Employee Satisfaction

Your employees work hard to earn their titles and accomplishments.  Name badges provide a simple way to ensure that your employees' professional or personal successes are valued and displayed with pride.  Whether celebrating 5 years of service, proudly representing specific expertise or displaying a recent promotion, your employees will continue to strive for success with the added recognition that is part of your unique name badge program.

Interactive Advertising

Traditional advertising can be expensive.  Name badges enable you to increase your promotional space by placing it at the forefront of your employee-client interactions.  Upsell your latest product or service, promote your seasonal deals or increase awareness about your business with the versatility of the Mighty Badge system.  The reusable Mighty Badge system is the perfect tool to help your employees keep up with their targets and initiatives.

Unify Your Team

Uniforms, dress-codes and service standards all provide an atmosphere that is unique to your business, but name badges unify your team while maintaining employee individuality.  Why is this valuable?  Like a name on the back of a sports jersey, name badges provide the recognition of individual efforts toward team goals.  Name badges provide a sense of camaraderie and team unity that no other product can provide in a workplace.