Name Badges by Industry

Name badge are everywhere! If you start looking, you’ll notice that people in almost every role and industry are wearing name badges. Why? Because doing business on a first name basis leads to instant connections and loyal clientele, something we all want.

Already worn by millions worldwide, take a look at how the Mighty Badge works for professionals in a wide variety of positions and industries.

Food & Beverage

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Whether at the front lines or at the managerial level, Name Badges offer your guests vital information about your service.  Adding to your professional image and specific to your unique branding, the Mighty Badge speaks volumes without the hassle that comes with other products.

Business Professional Services

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A warm handshake and a well-crafted business card are great tools, but the Mighty Badge™ offers the subtle, professional introduction that no other method can offer.  Expertly identify yourself and your brand with confidence; build your network and make yourself memorable.  

Health & Wellness

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When it comes to healthcare, simply offering your name can provide the extra comfort your patients need while in your care.  Display your expertise clearly and professionally, offer peace of mind, or more effectively introduce yourself to other professionals during conferences with the Mighty Badge™.

Small retail entrepreneurs

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It can be difficult to develop a memorable shopping experience for your customers, but the Mighty Badge™ expands your promotional real estate and develops a unique business personality. Make your customers feel at home – offer a confident and helpful atmosphere they won’t forget.


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The event industry has blown up in recent years. From corporate and networking events to weddings to trade shows, events have truly become a part of our everyday lives. Whether you're working an event or attending one, putting thought into your professional and personal brands is paramount to success. A stylish name badge makes sure that new and old friends know your name and what you're about. Don't leave things up to change, and take control of your image with the Mighty Badge™.

Education and Libraries

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Universities and Libraries around the globe are loving the look and cost saving offered by the Mighty Badge™. Our name badges are ideal for your regular full-time staff, but also work well for visitors, student staff, volunteers. Why? Because once you have the kit, making new badges costs nothing. Just design and print a new insert, then stick it between the existing badge and cover. Now your volunteers will get the warm welcome they deserve!


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One of the main issues faced by clubs and resorts is seasonality, or the sudden influx of more staff, members and guests for one period of the year. Turnover costs can take a toll on budgets season after season. A different type of name badge is needed for seasonal businesses that is long term, but also flexible. Enter the Mighty Badge™. Our name tag is reusable by design. It’s also created instantly with any PC and printer. This eliminates the name badge middleman, thereby drastically reducing start-up costs, errors, costs and lead times.


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Brand consistency and strength can start with something as small as a Mighty Badge™. For franchisors, maintaining consistency across diverse locations and owners is critical to the long term success of the franchise. Customers expect the same service, look and smile at every location, and this is what the Mighty Badge™ helps you deliver.