Success Stories

30 years of innovation captured in the Mighty Badge® Kit!
Put some strength behind that handshake with the Mighty Badge® on your lapel. Wearing badges will ensure that you and your team make a great impression and build valuable business relationships.
Read the stories and testimonials below, as well as the testimonials throughout our site, to find out how Mighty Badge customers have used name badges to advance their businesses and careers.


“We love having the ability to print professional looking badges for our employees the first day they become part of Our Team.  The software works great and we are using it for over 5K employees per year with no complaints or issues with the end users.  It’s seldom that you rollout a program that is so successful."
Rose Donell
Retail Store Operations, Cumberland Farms
In a retail environment, edging out the competition depends not only on prices and product range, but also on personalized service and a professional atmosphere.  Retail store operators worldwide, like Rose, are choosing the Mighty Badge as their method for providing team unity and professional appeal in their business environments.


“We are delighted that your name badge solution met our stringent requirements in design. The badge is streamlined, not busy like many other badges out there. The clean line look is in keeping with our simple and elegant style of service. The reusable on site personalizing software further sold us on the product."
Lindsay Urbanski Murphy
Rooms Training Manager, Hyatt Hotels Corporation (2007)
Hotel employees and managers, like Lindsay, put a strong emphasis on a consistent brand image that is professional, welcoming and easy to implement.  The Mighty Badge delivers on these three key points and goes beyond to provide a name badge solution that fits their business needs.


“We are now able to prepare and give a name tag to an employee on the same day, which is light years ahead of what we were able to offer in the past.”
Chantal Pelletier
Designed and assembled on location in seconds, each Mighty Badge makes any hire an instant part of your team.  Help your employees connect with your clients and each other by putting their name at the forefront of their business interactions.