Badge Talkers

Name badge accessories are a key components of any program. They add valuable marketing real estate to your front line staff, and give you more space to communicate with your customers. Badge Talkers from the Mighty Badge™ are the most popular name badge accessory from the Mighty Badge. They are an affordable, easy way to share the excitement of a holiday, event, or promotion.

Badge Talker Features and Benefits
Custom Badge Talker design and printing available.

More marketing space

Increase your Mighty Badge™ real estate by adding on a Talker. Use the space to promote special events, promotions, or corporate values. Identify trainees and languages spoken. The options are endless.


Building lasting relationships with your customers is key to success. Personalizing your name badges with Talkers is a great way to forge an immediate connection, and makes relating easier.

Easy and Affordable

Ad power for a couple of cents per unit. Mighty Badge™ Talkers affix to the back of your badge with an adhesive strip. Easy on, easy off.
Mighty Badge™ Talker Shapes and Styles
Our Badge Talkers come in a variety of stock styles and messages. Custom printed talkers are also available. Please contact us for details.
"I Speak" Badge Talkers
Flag Decals
Moments of Excellence
Custom Badge Talker
Canada Flag Badge Talker
USA Flag Badge Talker
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Fun Styles
Use badge talkers to add some flair to your name badges.
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