Ideal for any worker in any environment, the Mighty Badge™ magnetic and pin fasteners are the toughest and most durable in the industry. More importantly, these high quality fasteners are reusable along with the rest of the innovative Mighty Badge™ system. Sturdy and with a high safety rating, the Mighty Badge™ fasteners keep your identity and your brand at the forefront of your business interactions without damaging your shirt or jacket. You can be sure that your badge is comfortable to wear all day (and night) long.



Mighty Badge™ Fastener Features and Benefits
The magnetic fastener is a Mighty Badge™ signature, and a customer favorite.

A fastener for every situation

Everyone is different, with unique daily tasks and demands. the Mighty Badge™ is proud to offer such a wide variety of top quality badge fasteners and holders.

Invisible look

A fastener poking out from behind a name badge can ruin your polished look. Our fasteners are designed to fit our the Mighty Badge™ seamlessly, keeping your badge in place and staying neatly out of sight.

Top quality

We take pride in providing customers with strong, durable, effective fasteners. the Mighty Badge™ signature magnetic fasteners are crafted from the highest quality neodymium in the world.
Mighty Badge™ Badge Fasteners and Holders
Choose from a vast array of name badge fasteners, from magnetic to uniform to clip.
Standard Encased Magnet
Small Encased Magnet
Ceramic Magnet
Standard Magnet
12 Position Clip
Signature Black Pin
Large Pin
Small Pin
Metal Pocket Clip (Avail in Gold & Silver)
Plastic Pocket Clip