Panorama Badge Kits

A truly unique name badge sold at an amazing price, the Panorama from Mighty Badge™ is designed for those who want to stand out. The three-dimensional shape gives the badge a bold graphic look and makes logos pop. The the rest of the Mighty Badge™ product line, the Panorama gives the user 100% control over the design. Made of durable plastic, the Panorama badge is ideal for those in active roles.

Panorama Badge Features and Benefits
Panorama Badge Kits include everything you need to start making badges easily and instantly.

Stand-out 3D Shape

The curved, three-dimensional shape of the Panorama and its glossy cover allow your brand to shine.

Ideal for active jobs

Made of durable plastic, the Panorama is ideal for those with active jobs and lives.

Customize and reuse

Use the Mighty Badge™ software to design your perfect name badge, and print is easily and quickly on to our patented paper inserts. Don't love the look? Design and print a new one at no cost.
Available Colors
Panorama badges come in four standard colors with white paper inserts.