the Mighty Badge Signage Collection

Stylish, easy and multi-functional, the Mighty Badge Signage Collection is an ideal way to brand your professional space. Whether it’s Standing Signage at your cash register or buffet line, Spot Signage calling out discounts and promotions, or Desk Signage identifying your office space, these kits do all the talking.

Based on the same innovative system and design software as the Mighty Badge name badge kits, re-purpose your signage as you choose, when you choose, by simply replacing the printable insert.

Mighty Badge™ Signage Collection Features and Benefits
Design and assemble professional-looking, reusable signage on location in minutes with the Mighty Badge™ Signage Collection.

Brand your space

Your work space has to be inspiring. Personalize it with messages and graphics that convey the company's values and goals. An easy and fun way to boost morale and unite the team.

Communicate with customers

Clear, branded signage is key to positive customer experience. Use our signs to convey a seasonal message, promotion details, or store policies.

Re-print and Re-use Anytime

The Mighty Badge™ Signage Collection uses the same innovative system as our name badges: Just design a new sign, print up a new insert, and click to assemble.
Shapes and Sizes
We offer many sizes of our signage product line, and many ways to use them, the choice is up to you.
ID Spot Signage
Signature Standing
Signature Hanging
Signature Suction