YouWho™ Badge Kits

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More than an introduction, name badges represent your brand. The YouWho™ badge kits were designed with the single and small company users in mind. The introduction of YouWho™ marks the first time that this professional name badge system is available in 2 and 4 unit quantities. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, everyone can create custom name tags featuring his/her own brand. It’s the same unparalleled name badge trusted by Fortune 500 companies the world over, but packaged with your needs in mind.

The YouWho™ Name Badge Kits come with everything you need start designing and printing name badges immediately.

YouWho™ Features and Benefits
Take control of your first impression with YouWho™ – a fully-customizable, professional-quality, Do-It-Yourself name badge system designed to make a polished, lasting impression.

Stylish Look & Feel

YouWho™ offers the timeless, engraved-look and polished feel in a pack size and price that makes sense for the average consumer like you and me.

Unbeatable Value

New from the Mighty Badge™, YouWho™ kits give smaller companies access to Fortune 500 quality name badges at a fraction of the price.

Small pack sizes

Comes in two and four unit kits perfect for the individual networker, boutique retailer, cafe or event team.
Shapes and Sizes
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Youwho comes in 2-unit and 4-unit kits. A 2-unit refill kit is also available. They are available in silver or gold metal, with aditional paper-white inserts included.
Medium 3" x 1"