What Do Badges Have To Do With the Football Cup in Brazil? Everything.

Date posted: June 24, 2014

name badge

The badges are a part of a series of World Champion badges, an award for the winners of the historical Football events. The first team presented with the Champions badge was the Italian men’s national team in the 2006 world tournament, and thereafter with Spain’s national team to recognize their success.

Badges are an important aspect of this celebrated soccer event. Soccer Club Champions, such as in Munich, the latest member of the exclusive group of football teams in 2013, have had the honour of wearing the World Champions Badge.

Similar to businesses, badges serve an important role for football tournaments. Business staff name badges worn by employees may not resemble the ones worn by the world soccer champion players, but they certainly have the same purposes. The badges worn by our champion soccer players symbolize their team’s success on a previous year’s victory, and also to identify the national team they are on. Others, who are also sporting out their name badges during this major event, include the organizers, ambassadors, and volunteers from around the world to promote their organization’s involvement for the championship.
So where’s your badge swag?

For 2014, things really heat up as the world’s footballing elites headed to South America in hope that they will be the ones who raise the trophy in Brazil. So don’t miss out on the world’s most famous footballing event – And when you watch the game, check out the eye-popping badges and the official emblems!

Which team are you cheering for?

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