The Hook Up Badge

Hook Up Gives All The Benefits of the Mighty Badge brand

Professional image and style.
New hires feel welcome as valued team members.
the Mighty Badge name badges are reusable. Change names quickly and easily when needed.
the Mighty Badge saves organizations money and helps save the environment through reuse.

Hook Up Gives All The Benefits of the Mighty Badge brand

The Hook Up lets people hook their ID cards onto the Mighty Badge so they’re always handy to scan or swipe.

A cohesive professional look that hangs together

Easily attach standard ID cards or pouches to the Hook Up branded name badge.
Together they create a cohesive, professional look that adds real estate to the name badge.
Reduces the risk of misplaced or lost ID cards, and the inconvenience and cost of replacement.

Hooking Up Could Not Be Easier

Snap the ID card onto the Hook Up name badge in seconds.
The sturdy strap, with nickel-plated rivets and snap fastener, keeps the ID card securely attached.
The Hook Up solutions is very lightweight and easy to wear so that the ID card is always handy.

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