The Ultimate Cheat Sheet in getting your business ready for Independence Day

Date posted: June 25, 2014

Independence Day

For many businesses, Independence Day is the one celebration that presents a perfect excuse to dress up, have fun, and be the highlight of the summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to get locals and tourists excited and walking out of your store happy and filled with patriotic pride.
Take advantage of our guide and get your store ready for the upcoming holiday.

1. Use the 4 P’s — Plan, Plan, Plan…and Plan.
Independence Day is a holiday everyone wants to be prepared for (especially for the picnics and cookouts). You need time to plan out what you can provide for your customers, or at least get the store decorated. Why not launch a sale, a promotion, or giveaway? Get a direct mail package ready for delivery. Keep it simple, and don’t forget to send pre and post email messages.

2. Show them that balloons and flags just aren’t enough.
Many businesses will be decorating their store with flags, balloons, and national coloured streamers. What about printing large posters showcasing your patriotic ‘must-buy’ products and services? Your customers are too busy planning what the holiday will look like – show them your products that let them take their event up a notch. Offering them a giveaway is always well received, everyone likes free stuff.

3. Don’t forget about Social Media.
Showing your products in store isn’t enough – you need to tell the world! Whether it is a small or large campaign, you should schedule some posts ahead of time to share what you have to offer on this national holiday. Find something that will compliment your campaign, even as simple as writing a blog post, posting a few social media updates, or buying a few ads on Facebook. These efforts will showcase your business’s patriotic passion, and your focus attention on tourists and your regular customers.

4. Don’t stress out – it’s a Holiday.
If these several tips still have you scratching your head, then make it even simple. Just make some patriotic colored cookies, have your staff wear some decorated name badges, and get dressed up. If you have a promotion, and not enough time to get the designs made, print out some quick and simple promotional flyers to give away! The holiday is about having fun, and celebrating this special day with your staff and customers – so don’t sweat it.

Are you ready for Independence Day? Get in touch with us, to find out how you can turn your business into a patriotic hotspot for your customers.


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